Misner Plan Disclaimer

This site, and the information shared therein, is not meant to diagnose, treat or advise you on your specific health strategies. Beth and Ivan Misner, co-creators of the Misner Plan, are simply sharing their experience with nutrition and the impact certain dietary and lifestyle changes have had on their health. It is recommended that you consult your medical professional before embarking on any health protocol.

togetherPlease note that Beth and Ivan Misner are not medical doctors. This website is not meant to diagnose or treat your own conditions. You are advised to consult a medical doctor before adopting any part of the Misner Plan. The Misner Plan is not an initiative of BNI, nor does BNI endorse the Misner Plan. If you are a BNI member and your chapter has a health-care professional, we recommend you utilize your member’s expertise and consultation. We are not selling any products, services or coaching which would conflict with any BNI chapter member. If you need a referral to a BNI health-care professional, we would be happy to provide that referral to you. Please Email Beth.