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Beth and Ivan’s Fitness Routines

Fitness RoutinesI (Beth) started my martial arts training in 1990 at the age of 25. But between the ages of 29 and 36, I put my training on the back burner from the time our two kids, San and Trey, were born until they were both in primary school. Beginning in 2000, I became very focused on fitness and losing weight. Having grown to a maximum of 172 pounds and a size 14 by the age of 36, I was just done being out of shape. I  adopted a personal mantra of “Fit by Forty.” Over the course of one year, I reached a size 6, which I still maintain today at the age of 49. I followed Bill Phillips’ Body for Life fitness program and really saw great results with that. AND I became a black belt in karate at the age of 40! I was definitely Fit by Forty.

I have worked with a personal trainer, family friend Tim Kyle, for the past 13 years and I lift weights three times per week. I train at Claremont Sanctuary Pilates twice a week and work with a Tai Chi/Qi Gong trainer, Master Samuel Barnes, twice a week. I became a certified sports nutritionist in 2004.

I (Ivan) became a black belt in karate at the age of 34, after having been a Judo student of Raul Ruiz’s in the 80’s. After the intense phase of my martial arts training, I took a break from physical fitness and just resumed a cardio practice about 8 years ago. I walk every weekday for a minimum of 20 minutes, including when I travel. Beth joins me from time to time. After the cancer diagnosis, I began to add some resistance training into my routine due to its value in keeping the immune system strong. I am not a personal fan of massage, but Beth does some lymphatic work for me and she also does Master Chunyi Li’s Qi-ssage for me.

We both enjoy active pursuits, such as kayaking on the lake in Big Bear. Most of our cardio exercise is brisk walking.

Something recommended to us for increased lymphatic circulation is rebounding. We have a portable, folding rebounder which we can travel with. Simple “health bouncing”  for 3 minutes per day is all that is needed to assist the lymphatic system with circulating the lymphatic fluids throughout the body. We learned that lymphatic circulation is improved with weight training, massage and rebounding.

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Mineral Salt Soaks

When you submerge the body in water, your body can absorb up to a cup of the fluid in which you are submerged. This is especially critical to know if you do not have a whole house filter on your water supply. The whole house filter removes chlorine from your water supply and if you are healing from cancer, you do not want to be soaking in chlorinated water! Soaking in mineral salts, however, can be extremely helpful, especially if you have filtered water with which to fill your bath.

Mineral Salt SoaksMineral salt soaks help the body maintain more alkalinized tissues. There are many sources of mineral salts. We use salts from a spring in England, but we also have Himalayan salts, detoxifying salts and Epsom salts in which we soak. Soaking in mineral salts has been shown to be helpful for those who have pain and inflammation in their bodies. It can also help with sleeping deeply, which is critical for a strong immune system.

A mineral salt soak also nourishes your muscles. Our muscles use magnesium in order to contract and expand. When following a fitness routine, having enough magnesium feeding the muscle tissue is extremely important. Often when you are working out very strongly, you will have muscle soreness and the mineral salt soak really helps with that.

It is important when soaking in mineral salts to rinse off the skin after soaking. When the salts remain on the skin, they can have a dehydrating effect, so it is very important to shower after taking a salt bath. Even though you will emerge from your bath relaxed and ready to slip into bed, remember to rinse the salt from your skin first!

Mineral baths are different than soaking in a Jacuzzi tub. Usually a Jacuzzi tub, especially when attached to your swimming pool, is filled with water treated with pool chlorine. Although the warmth helps your muscles relax, the chlorine you absorb is not beneficial.

We converted our pool to a salt water pool about 5 years ago, thankfully. Our Jacuzzi is filled with salt water. Even still, it is important to rinse off after a soak in a salt-water Jacuzzi.

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