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The Misner Plan is the dietary plan Beth and Ivan Misner created with the advice of their medical team to support Ivan’s gentle recover from cancer in 2012. Beth used the Misner Plan later in 2017 with her own metastatic breast cancer recovery. The Misners did not use conventional cancer therapy in their cancer recovery. You will learn more here about how they healed naturally.


Healing begins in the kitchen

| Ivan’s Story

Ivan Misner learned he had developed prostate cancer early in 2012. Told by his surgeon that he had six to nine months to decide what form of treatment he wanted to have, he radically changed his diet and lifestyle. When it was time to return to the doctor for his treatment, he was in full remission! This book covers all the Misners learned about eating to heal and reduce inflammation, and it also outlines the three-phase Misner Plan they created for Ivan’s benefit. They have also partnered with Executive Chef, Eddie Esposito, to present a cookbook for the three phases. If you are learning that you have an inflammatory condition, or want to avoid inflammation, the Misner Plan is highly advisable to look into.

Love the story and passion in this book. Have made several of the recipes and all are awesome!

– Tonya Acha

Healing can be easy

Beth’s story |

Healing can be easy

Beth’s story |

Beth Misner’s story begins with a surprise metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in the Spring of 2017. Always on the alternative-health side of the road, she pursued natural treatments (no chemo, surgery, or radiation) at the Issels ImmunoOncology Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Within eight months after diagnosis, she was given a clean bill of health. This is her story of engaging body, mind, and spirit for recovery. If you (or someone you love) have been diagnosed with advanced cancer, you will want to read Beth’s story.

Beth Misner describes her healing journey in an interesting and honest way that has you wanting to know what’s next, while increasing the desire to learn more about natural healing methods. Whether you are in a current diagnosed situation or want to make healthy choices for the future, the book is filled with fabulous researched information, recommendations, and recipes. It reminded me that I can tune in and take charge of my own health and well-being! I highly recommend reading this book and sharing it with those you care about.

– Dana Coyle

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Betty Wells-Runkle

Betty Wells Runkle holds a doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy. Betty has an AS in natural science and her bachelor’s studies were done at Texas A&M University with a major in microbiology and immunology. Although her early career started in the field of analytical chemistry, her passion for people and for science drove her eventually to seek nutritional and herbal education so that she could better influence and empower others. She also resides in Texas.

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