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    Beth Misner

    Have you discovered a great recipe, or created one yourself? Share here!


    Erin Mellinger

    Hi everyone. :-)

    Just wanted to share a couple of things which may or may not be obvious:

    • The E7 canister needs to be refrigerated after it’s been opened
    • The Aloe Vera concentrate is much more palatable when it’s cold so I put that in the refrigerator as well

    That’s all I have for now. :-)


    Erin Mellinger

    Here’s what I’ve been doing as far as eating . . .

    First, I picked up tons of my favorite cleanse-approved, organic produce and fresh herbs:

    • Brussels Sprouts (on the stalk)
    • Onions (red onions & sweet vidalia onions)
    • Asparagus
    • Green Onions
    • Fresh Green Beans
    • Garlic
    • Fresh Ginger
    • Broccoli
    • Cucumber
    • Bok Choy
    • Zucchini
    • Kale
    • Collard Greens
    • Summer Squash
    • Lemons
    • Fresh Dill
    • Fresh Cilantro
    • Fresh Italian Parsley

    Then I made sure I had all the spices which I use all together on everything (this is a seasoning blend concoction I came up with through experimentation and I just start by shaking a little bit of each seasoning onto my veggies, test it out, and then keep adding more until I’m happy with the result):

    • Coriander (I love this stuff!!–It has a mild, sweet, yet pungent taste that resembles orange, anise, and cumin)
    • Pure Sea Salt in the built-in-grinder bottle
    • Garlic Powder
    • Red Pepper Flakes
    • Ground Cayenne Pepper

    Everything I eat is some mixture of the above listed vegetables all cut up and seasoned with the above listed spice concoction.  I either bake the veggies in a baking pan covered with foil  (no matter what veggies are involved, my rule of thumb is always to set the oven to 375 degrees and bake for 35-45 minutes–I’m not a cook but this method has never done me wrong. :-)) or stir fry them (I just set the pan over medium-high heat, stir everything around, cover the pan, and occasionally come back and stir everything around until everything is cooked thouroughly) and I’ve found that I LOVE using coconut oil for both baking and stir frying (I bought the organic coconut oil from Trader Joe’s and it was really reasonably priced)–it has a great flavor to it and it’s nice and light. :-).

    I’ve been using TONS of sweet onions as well as green onions in all of the veggie concoctions I’ve been making which really gives everything flavor and keeps it from being boring.

    That’s about it . . . pretty basic but, like I said previously, cooking has never been my calling so, for me, any cooking I do has to be simple (It’s still really good though! :-)). ;-)

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    Susan Goodsell

    Thanks, Erin! Great stuff. Your herb mixture is pretty much mine, with the exception of that nasty garlic. :)

    I think some Cleansers are missing the fine print that you may use 1 T. of yogurt per day. That is really nice. Mix the yogurt in with sliced cukes & onion slices and it’s a good salad. Erin adds dill – great touch.

    Also, use the veggie E7 as a soup base. Carmelize your onions (makes a difference!), then saute whatever veggies you wish – zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, etc., then add the E7 and water. Lastly, add spinach or other greens you prefer and simmer. I use an immersion blender to make it a blended soup. Add the tablespoon of yogurt (I use goat’s milk yogurt ‘cuz I can’t have cow’s milk), and it’s a nice, creamy soup.



    Beth Misner

    Great tips and sharing, ladies. We did not use yogurt during Phase 1 . . . it is not beneficial for those with any type of inflammatory condition due to the proclivity to cause additional inflammation. Also, when caramelizing veggies during Phase 1, be sure to take them just to the edge of dark brown. Going too dark will make them sweeter and part of Phase 1 is really reprogramming our taste buds away from sweet. But getting some color on them will really kick up the flavor of the base stock, like you point out, Susan. Good stuff!

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