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    Hey Dawn! Welcome to the challenge!! My husband and I are feeling so much better since we started the challenge.


    Paula Frazier

    Hello Ms Dawn! I started the cleanse (phase 1) in the middle of all of the flood insanity. It gave me something positive to focus on…and something that I could control when everything around me was so crazy! I made my way through phase 2 and technically I could enter phase three…instead I’m choosing to stay in phase 2 1/2 so I can continue to let go of the weight I need to. Today is day 56 for me and I’m down 20 lbs and two jean sizes!!!

    You’re gonna love the group!


    Dawn Lyons

    HI Everyone,

    I am on day nine and got to have an egg white wrap with asparagus and arugula this morning and it was heaven.  I struggled with major headaches during the cleanse (and choose to do it during BNI LT trainings – silly) but I didn’t cheat one bit!  AND…I guess that means it is working.  Beth, maybe you can help me understand this, I lost 5 lbs on the first three days of the cleanse then day four gained (adding in just brown rice and quinoa) 2.5lbs back over day four and five.  Seems weird as I was still way under the normal calories I would have had normally in a day.  Mike told me not to get on the scale every day and I know that.  I also had a sore lower right back every morning (kidney area), had an itchy right ear, and just above my right ear was sore to the touch for 3 days.  Weird.  AND, again, I know the detox is working.  Any insight would be fabulous!

    I did go and get a spa treatment which included more detoxification and a 75 minute massage that was fabulous and it helped with the sore achy body.  I guess I have a lot of bugs in me…well I used to!

    Day nine I am down 4.2lbs.  Going to go buy some lobster and scallops today…let the good life begin!

    Dawn Lyons


    Paula Frazier

    Hey Dawn! It’s like Christmas when you make it through the cleanse!!! Fortunately I didn’t have the aches or pains. I did gain a couple of pounds around the same time. In the spirit of sharing, my couple of  extra pounds had to do with constipation, which was crazy based on all of the fibrous veggies I was putting down. Beth had me get some Magnesium Citrate. I find that I tend to “process” slowly so I’ve incorporated it into my daily supplement line up and it’s made a positive difference:)


    Hey Ladies! I agree its like Christmas getting through the cleanse. I posted about my cleanse side effects in another forum. Lets just say, it was NOT fun for me!

    I actually felt like I had the flu for two days. It was horrible! I have gained about 4lbs since I have been off the cleanse. Not sure why, but I am rolling with it.  My goal is to loose eight before November so I am now back on pretty much Phase One and Two and working with a personal trainer again.

    I too weigh everyday. I have to in order to keep myself accountable.



    Dawn Lyons

    I was okay with all of the detox stuff as I want the “critters” out of me versus inside me!  And, I was prepared for it to happen.  I think overall it is a great thing!  I am also really happy as I just got back from the store with Lobster, Salmon, Scallops, and Prawns!  Whoo hoo!




    Beth Misner

    Welcome to the new Misner Plan followers from the launch party tonight (11/8). Please check in here and share your personal goals and thoughts as you prepare to Take the Challenge beginning December 1. What do you hope to get out of the 90 days and how can we support you?


    Moji Ajele

    A big thank you to Ivan and Beth for sharing this program and your success with the world? I am excited to finally begin on a clear path to optimal health after 20 years of yo-yo weight-loss. My goal is to get down to a healthy of 120lbs, eliminate years of debilitating joint pain, and joyfully run my next marathon by May 31, 2014.

    I live  with my husband Oladele of 25 years and our two younger daughters, Grace and Tomi. I know that by adopting the Misner plan as a lifestyle rather than just a 90 day diet, I can impact my family and friends as well. Thank you for your companionship on this journey.

    Looking forward to the cookbook!

    Moji Ajele, Calgary Alberta, Canada



    Cindy Mount

    Looking forward to getting started on the Misner Plan.  I’ve lost 20 lbs on healthy eating to this point but have been on a plateau for some time now.  I’ve started an exercise regime that gets me active every day at the gym and as of  November 8th, stopped coffee all together, although I was only drinking swiss-water decaf.  I have teamed up with two others so we can keep each other motivated through the whole thing.


    My goal – back to size 6 (which wasn’t that long ago).  For me, it’s not only about the size, it’s about building muscle.   I’m on a pretty good workout routine, so that combined with the Misner Plan will be a solid healthy routine to follow as a  completely new lifestyle.

    Looking forward to fewer joint aches and better health.


    Beth Misner

    Hi, Cindy! Welcome to our site. Please feel free to chat with me when you see me logged in. Looking forward to watching your transformation!



    Beth Misner

    If you are new to the Misner Plan, and just starting the 90-Day Challenge, please say hello! We will be opening a Facebook Group for a May 1 Challenge, so get in on that, too! I’ll add you if you let me know you’re in! :)

    Here’s to Summer!


    Marilyn Hill

    Hello to you all…

    My name is Marilyn and I live in Nashville, TN with my husband, Taylor. We heard about the Misner Plan when Ivan Misner spoke at the Regional BNI conference here in April. We’ve since both read their book, and have ordered our cleanses. They came yesterday, and we’re starting this next weekend. We’re going to spend this week getting ready for it. I’ve cleaned out the pantry.

    We’re both overweight. In fight, I am clinically morbidly obese. I come from a family that pretty much all had difficulties with food and weight. My father died in 2010 at the age of 60 from a massive heart attack. He smoked, but was also morbidly obese.

    We’re looking forward to starting and feeling better!

    It seems like it’s been awhile since anyone has been involved on the forum, but I thought I’d go ahead and try anyway. Would be great to have someone to ask a question or two of if it comes up.



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    Beth Misner

    We are finding that there is more interaction happening on our Facebook pages, and I am checking back here often to stay in touch with those who want a more “private” forum. Please let us know if we can help you with anything along the way! ~Beth


    Cathy Eiting
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