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    Crystal Thomasson

    My name is Crystal and my fiancee (In two weeks he’ll be my husband!) has a lot of health issues. Some are injuries that happened 2 years ago or longer, but others are just chronic illnesses no one can seem to find answer for. I’ve heard a lot lately about cancer patients healing themselves by changing their diet radically. I’m willing to try it if it means my fiancee will be able to get back to life the way he usually does it. Right now we’re dealing with inner ear problems, a weak immune system and an injured upper-mid back. Lets see what happens if we clean out his system and his body is better able to fight for itself!


    Beth Misner

    Crystal, I’m so glad you found the Misner Plan! The chronic illnesses can be healed by the body in just about every case if you begin to nourish and support the system. The radical changes Ivan and I made did just that and we have been amazed. I know you both will be, too.

    How can we support you?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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