Misner Plan Overview & Instructions

The Misner Plan has three phases – The 8-Day Detox, Post Cleanse and Happily Ever After. The beauty of the Misner Plan’s phases is that you will learn very quickly how and when to move between the phases as your health changes through the years. And you do NOT have to try to figure it all out on your won. Our January 8, 2018 Misner Plan 90-Day Challenge will be led by our wonderful Misner Plan health coaches, who will make sure you have the highest level of success possible.

  • Phase 1 – The Cleanse

    Phase 1 is an 8-day detox focused on eating the foods which allow the detox pathways to open and allow toxins of all types to be released by the body. Our bodies store toxins they cannot release in very safe places: our fat cells, toxic water stores, solid waste in the gut, and even in brain tissue! It is possible to stimulate the release of these toxins in a safe and efficient way. This is what you will be doing during the 8-day detox.

    During Phase 1, we focus on eating whole vegetables and whole grains. Eat, eat, eat…don’t let yourself get hungry or try to fast. You need the plant nutrients, fiber and antioxidants for the whole process. There is a two-step process to the detox—veggies, healthy oils and herbs only the first four days and then veggies, healthy oils, herbs, plus non-gluten, whole grains the last four days. You will find the food list for Phase 1 under the Phase 1 – The Cleanse tab in our Community section (90-Day Challenge).

    If you are planning to do Phase 1,  please contact Beth, and I will guide you in getting suitable supplements which will help to support your detox. The coaching packages will all include the Misner Plan Detox Kit.

    The vegetables you will be eating are the non-sweet, non-starchy vegetables. Phase 1 helps you reprogram your taste buds so that you will enjoy the great flavors of a wider variety of vegetables and not only the sweet ones. There is no fruit (other than lemons) eaten during Phase 1 so that any imbalance in the beneficial flora in your digestive tract may be corrected. The bad bacteria, fungus and yeast need sugars in order to flourish. You are going to be starving them during the 8 days and giving the beneficial bacteria a chance to recolonize. You will be getting protein from the vegetables you eat and organic brown rice protein powder.

    I have been promoting and leading the 8-day detox for over 17 years. The average weight loss during the 8 days is consistently 18 pounds (if you need to focus on NOT losing weight, our health coaches can help you with that). Some people lose more, some lose less. You will not be shedding fat only, which is not safe to shed so quickly in that large amount, but you will also be shedding stored water and solid waste–yes, you will need to be near a restroom for the first three days or so. You will be shedding toxic chemicals and heavy metals, so you may feel tired or achy. There are tips about what to do to ease any uncomfortable reactions in our videos and through our health coaching packages. Your bladder will be adjusting to a higher intake of water than you may be used to having coming in, since you will be focused on drinking half your body’s weight in ounces of purified water during Phase 1 and into Phases 2 and 3. It is not unusual for our Misner Planners to reach their goal/target weight well before the end of the Misner Plan Challenge!

    As always, we must recommend that you seek your doctor’s advice before starting Phase 1 of the Misner Plan. If you take medications, please continue taking your medications. In some cases, your medications will need to be adjusted as your body moves into a more healthy status. Please stay in close contact with your doctor. Ivan and Beth Misner are not medical doctors and do not diagnose or prescribe in the Misner Plan.

    If you are experiencing some serious health issues, especially inflammatory conditions, after consulting your doctor, please consider beginning your Misner Plan Challenge here with Phase 1. There are, however, some people who should NOT attempt Phase 1. They are women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those with type-1 diabetes (insulin dependent), those with advanced cancer who are losing weight rapidly, and those taking a medication for preventing blood clots, heart arrhythmia, or convulsions. Anyone who is struggling with adrenal exhaustion will need to be supervised by a doctor during Phase 1–please do not try to do Phase 1 on your own.

    Our Misner Plan licensed naturopath, Betty Runkle, will be evaluating each person participating in our Misner Plan 90-Day Challenge to help you decide if it is best for you to approach the Misner Plan from phase 1-2-3 or from phase 3-2-1.

    There will be times during the year and beyond when you will want to repeat the 8-day detox or do a mini cleanse. Ivan and I do a 3-day cleanse after long, international trips. It works great to fine-tune the body and maintain ultimate health.

  • Phase 2 — Post Cleanse

    The 9 to 30 days immediately after Phase 1 you will be eating all the same low-sugar, low-starch vegetables and non-gluten grains you ate while doing the 8-Day Detox, but you will add in some animal protein sources. You will eat whole food, not anything which comes in a package, box or bag—nothing with a label and a list of ingredients. Just whole food, mostly plant-based meals. You may wish to eat meat rarely, a couple of times a week, or maybe not at all. You will find the food list for Phase 2 under the Phase 2 – Post Cleanse tab in our Community section (90-Day Challenge).

    Ivan Before and After

    Ivan Before and After the Misner Plan

    Based on your body’s response to Phase 1, you may wish to stay in Phase 2 longer than the rest of the month. You may wish to spend two to three months in this phase. It is a very effective phase for eliminating cravings, moving into full health for those who have major issues or who use multiple medications, and for those who have a lot of weight to shed. Ivan spent the entire first year in this phase and has been encouraged to spend even more time here…up to another year. We believe this is why he lost over 40 pounds in three months.

    Some indications that you may need to stay in Phase 2 longer include a urine pH which is not in the ideal range after completing Phase 1, your desire to continue shedding excess weight until your body reaches its ideal weight and bodyfat percentage, or other health issues which have not resolved themselves yet (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, low energy, migraines, inflammatory conditions, etc.). With your doctor’s guidance, you decide when you are ready to move into Phase 3.

    If you are basically in pretty good health, or you cannot take several days off where you may feel a bit “puny,” you may choose to start your Misner Plan Challenge right here in Phase 2. You will move just a little more slowly into health, but there is nothing wrong with that! It will be a steady, sure progression from where you are now to where you want to be.

  • Phase 3 – Happily Ever After

    The food list for Phase 3 is quite a bit longer. At this point you will be able to enjoy some additions like gluten-free bread, homemade, gluten-free pancakes, some fruit-based desserts, and the sweeter vegetables, such as beets, carrots, tomatoes, and jicama and also add back in delicious, antioxidant-rich fruit. You will be able to use natural sweeteners like raw honey, raw maguey, raw agave nectar and raw coconut nectar. Baking with gluten-free flour mix and eating nut butters will be part of your routine. You will find the food list for Phase 3 under the Phase 3 – Happily Ever After tab in our Community section (90-Day Challenge).

    It is during Phase 3 that you can have the very occasional addition to the Misner Plan. Your addition may range from New Zealand lamb to a small portion of 80%+ cacao dark chocolate. You can wisely select certain foods which have labels and lists of ingredients. You have reset your cravings, your stomach acids, your blood sugar levels and your intestinal flora (the beneficial bacteria which helps you digest food and extract all the nutrients from what you eat). You have landed at your ideal weight and will maintain that effortlessly, even when you travel. You will have redefined what “good food” is and when you stray, you will feel it immediately and will remain motivated to remain a Misner Planner happily ever after!

    eat real foodOur cook book, Healing Begins in the Kitchen, has recipes for each phase along with meal plans and food lists. You may order your copy of our book here, or receive it free when you join the Misner Plan 90-Day Challenge.

    If you have any questions or comments about the food list overview, please email Beth Misner.

    In Great Health!
    Beth and Ivan Misner
    Misner Plan Co-Creators