The Misner Plan Cook Book Is Here!

We want more than simply readers. We want to
inspire you to “Eat. Real. Food.” It can truly change your life.
We hope this book changes your life. It has changed ours, there is no doubt about that. Both of us sincerely hope that our experience with healing cancer naturally will have a powerful, positive impact. It’s this hope which compels us to share through this website and now in this book.
The Misners Share Their Experience
Beth and Ivan Misner talk about why
they are sharing Ivan’s plan for healing.
It is Beth and Ivan’s hope that Ivan’s experience with
cancer and going from diagnosis to remission in just
nine months will inspire others and encourage you to
adopt a healthy lifestyle. When you really understand
the power of plants to energize and keep the immune
system working at top capacity, this information can
really change your life. Get inspired and get motivated
by the Misner Plan!

Understanding WHY

It is important to know the “why” before
studying the “how” of getting healthy!
With the large changes we made in how we eat, we found that we were much more motivated to make the changes if we understood the reasons it was important to do so. Knowing why certain changes were being recommended helped us stick with the program, as well!
Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean boring and tasteless
discover our tasty recipes here...

We built this website for those of you who have been diagnosed with cancer, or know someone who has, and are wondering if it’s possible to have a positive impact on your condition with nutrition and lifestyle changes. We wondered the same thing when Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI®, received his prostate cancer diagnosis in March of 2012. The beauty of healing cancer naturally through food, nutrition and lifestyle changes is that other medical conditions will be healed, too. We have had people with type 1 diabetes, inflammatory disease and cognitive problems report that their conditions were also healed. And after only three months of following the Misner Plan, our good friend, Mark Hackbarth, learned that his bladder cancer was in remission.

What is the Misner Plan?

ur world was rocked on March 27, 2012 when my (Ivan) urologist walked in to the examination room and uttered six words you know you never want to hear: “Your biopsy was positive for cancer.” Given the lack of strong markers for prostate cancer, we were so unconcerned that Beth had not even gone with me since she had a speaking engagement that morning in San Diego County. I had to break the news to her over the phone! To say we were both floored is an understatement.

This day was the beginning of a new path for us--a path which has taken us over some very new ground AND brought some results we never thought we would see. As we have continued along this journey, many BNI Directors, members and personal friends have asked us what we have been doing to get the results we have gotten. You see, within nine months of diagnosis, I received confirmation that I was in remission WITHOUT ANY MEDICAL INTERVENTION—no surgery, no radiation, no chemotherapy. Beth has been following the dietary protocol with me from day 1 and she recovered her hearing within six months and is no longer wearing hearing aids. The positive changes in our health have been so dramatic and the plan has been so simple that it really staggers the imagination.

The Misner Plan is our way to share with you the changes we have made, the improvements we have both seen and the creative recipes we have developed to keep things interesting and yummy as we both have adopted a whole food, mostly plant-based diet.

Creators of the Misner Plan

togetherPlease note that Beth and Ivan Misner are not medical doctors. This website is not meant to diagnose or treat your own conditions. You are advised to consult a medical doctor before adopting any part of the Misner Plan. The Misner Plan is not an initiative of BNI, nor does BNI endorse the Misner Plan. If you are a BNI member and your chapter has a health-care professional, we recommend you utilize your member’s expertise and consultation. We are not selling any products, services or coaching which would conflict with any BNI chapter member. If you need a referral to a BNI health-care professional, we would be happy to provide that referral to you. Please Email Beth.

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